7 ways to increase the potency

Potency is a variable quantity. Many factors affect its quality.  It is enough to change the way of life and some habits so that the sexual power returns again. What is needed for this?

No – excess weight

Modern research has proved that fat in the waist area negatively affects the male potency. Fat men, in contrast to slender brethren, are at risk for disease in the genital area. Scientists say: it’s enough to reduce the waist volume by 6 cm so that the potency and the general condition come back to normal.

Eat right

To save man’s strength for many years, eat foods:

greens and spices: parsley, cinnamon, garlic, mint, coriander;

cold pressed olive oil;

sunflower seeds, pumpkin and sesame seeds;

berries of strawberries and strawberries;

grain of cedar, almonds, pistachios;

meat of chicken and turkey (avoid red meat);

natural yogurt;

fruits: apples, peaches, grapefruits;

vegetables: tomatoes, aubergines, broccoli, lettuce leaves;

beans: white beans, lentils;

fish: salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout;

bread from whole grains, pasta, rice.

They are part of the Mediterranean diet and are able to improve the erection.

Go in for sports

It is proved that aerobics classes eliminate male dysfunction of the sexual sphere. Take for yourself the rule of walking more for a day. Run a few times a week, go swimming and cycling.

Take a survey

Erectile dysfunction often signals other malfunctions in the body. Possible heart disease, endocrine disorders or chronic fatigue from lack of sleep. Go to a reception for a specialist in holistic medicine. He will test and prescribe a comprehensive treatment of the body.

Cut down on medication

Many medications have side effects that affect the erection. Check what you are taking. If you find drugs that harm you, talk to your doctor and ask them to replace them.

Get rid of bad habits

Alcohol and cigarettes suppress sexual function, so quit smoking and do not abuse beer. Thanks to this there will be no problems in the intimate sphere.

Build relationships in the family

Negative emotions weaken potency. Look for the cause in a family relationship. Most often they give rise to sexual disorders.