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Innovative means for potency Hammer of Thor eliminate the causes of sexual dysfunction. Will restore libido and will fill forces for new sexual victories!

About the problem of impotence

Sexual potency is the ability of a man to engage in sexual intercourse. Many factors adversely affect this important function of the human body. These are the transferred and chronic diseases, psychological and physical traumas, a way of life. Even in healthy representatives of the stronger sex with age there are changes that affect the potency.
Sexual impotence can occur at any age, even in young people. According to statistics, 39% of men after 40 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. And after 50 years, this figure increases to 69%. During this period there is the onset of andropause. Capsules for men Hammer of Thor made a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to this biopreparation it became easier to solve sexual problems!

About capsules

Hammer of Thor for men — a real breakthrough in the treatment of male impotence. They failures in bed is left behind. Now anyone can feel like a real macho. New victories in the intimate field are provided. The Bioscience ingredients naturally improve the levels of testosterone in a natural way. This provides the strongest erections and betrosexuals excitement. 1500 people involved in clinical trials confirmed the effectiveness of biocapsules.

The use of capsules for the potency of Hammer of Thor gave the following results:

  • In 89% of subjects increased excitement and libido.
  • 92% of participants noted that early ejaculation stopped.
  • 95% of males has increased sensitivity and duration of orgasm.
  • In 96% of participants in the test, the excitation was longer and stronger.
  • The use of a single course of funds ensures stable lust at any age.

The secrets of the components of Hammer of Thor were available to the physician a few centuries ago.
Such healing was used only by the elite strata of society.

Truth or divorce?

Hundreds of thousands of men have tried the effectiveness of capsules Hammer of Thor. After the first application of the Supplement, independent testosterone synthesis is restored. Blood flow to the penis increases, simultaneously removing stagnation. Local metabolic processes are being activated. Activity in bed is restored and returns erotic attraction.

Partner can make as many erotic contacts as you want. In this case, the advance ejaculation is no longer threatened. This drug is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and other ailments. The work of the genitourinary system is returning to normal.

The biological composition is absolutely natural and does not contain harmful components. The innovative formula was developed by domestic scientists for three years. They managed to create a unique biological additive that does not cause addiction and side effects. The therapeutic result lasts a long period. Improves the functioning of not only the penis, but also the urinary system.

Natural complex stimulates and strengthens the immune system. The body heals, saturated with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The undoubted advantage that it can be used at any age.

The first changes are visible after three days of use of the Supplement. During use, there is increased blood flow in the penis. In addition, spermatogenesis is stimulated and signs of prostatitis disappear. The activity of the heart and blood vessels returns to normal.Also, the drug can be combined with alcohol.

He has undergone many laboratory and clinical studies. The price is available, and it can be purchased at absolutely any prosperity. Now representatives of the stronger sex can have sex several times more often! The main advantage is full satisfaction of the partner. Become a hero in bed and conquer new heights!

Why the drug is recommended by urologists?

Biocomplex has a number of advantages:

  • almost 100% efficiency (maximum getting rid of problems with potency);
  • has a prolonged effect (excellent sex, strong erection and good health);
  • no side effects (absolute health safety);
  • fast efficiency (erectile function at the highest level after the first use);
  • large range of effects (eliminates weak desire, premature ejaculation, etc.));
  • natural ingredients (chemical and synthetic components are absent);
  • General tonic effect (increased immunity, added energy reserves and vigor).

These advantages make Hammer of Thor the number one tool for the stronger sex. It can be taken for preventive purposes, to maintain male health.

Top 7 advantages

Capsules Hammer of Thor developed in the laboratory selected the best components. Biologically active substances and plant extracts stimulate the functions of the genitourinary system.

  • It has no analogues! The formula based on plant ingredients is patented.
  • Has a therapeutic effect. Biocomplex is not a medicine, but is used to treat inflammatory processes. This is facilitated by amino acids, minerals and vitamins included in the composition.
  • Can be combined with medications. For best results can be combined with other drugs. Hammer of Thor improves erection, but in its absence it is allowed to add hormonal drugs. They are appointed depending on the factor that influenced the insolvency.
  • Not addictive and withdrawal syndrome. Biocomplex can be drunk every day for a month without addiction and withdrawal syndrome! Permitted to stop taking biological means without adverse effects.
  • Lowers weight. Natural ingredients contribute to the breakdown of fat deposits. Makes the figure more slender and taut.
  • Long action. The complex has a regenerative effect. There is a deliverance from the causes of the disease. Increases the level of male hormone and blood flow in the reproductive parts of the body. Thanks to this, the obtained achievement lasts a long period of time.
  • Affordable price. In comparison with the popular activators of erotic desire, the Supplement has a low cost. Although natural remedies are much higher than chemical.

Principle of impact

Capsules for men Hammer of Thor deeply affect the stabilization of hormonal levels. Normalize blood flow in the reproductive organs, eliminates stagnation. Stimulates the activity of nerve fibers. The certified form does not cause dizziness and nausea. Daily intake of bio-capsules will help to get rid of impotence, prostatitis and other disorders.

Active biochemicals begin to work immediately after use. Components of plant origin getting into the body have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system. A person feels a surge of energy and vivacity. Hammer of Thor provides the following positive effects:

  • Normalizes the digestive tract. The stomach begins to digest food better. In the intestine, the absorption increases, thanks to which more useful microelements arrive.
  • Stabilizes the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. The heart begins to work better, dispersing blood throughout the body. Special blood supply is observed in the lower part of the body. The vessels become more elastic and the blood flows more freely.
  • Nourishes with vitamins and microelements. In the formula of a biological product includes a lot of useful trace elements and minerals essential for good health.
  • Stimulate blood circulation. At the moment of excitement the penis becomes stronger. This helps to increase the duration of the love act and a brighter orgasm.
  • Normalizes the bladder and kidneys. Frequent urge to urinate and pain disappear.
  • Provides the strongest burst of energy for physical and mental activity. Brain cells are saturated with oxygen. Energy reserves are replenished, which helps in high-quality physical activity.
  • Prevents the development of andropause in people over fifty years. Stabilizes the independent synthesis of testosterone. This protects against the onset of early andropause. Retains erectile function for a long time.
  • After one course reception there is achievement of new heights in bed Affairs. Problems on the love front do not bother, diseases are cured. Bioreactor much better, safer and more productive other impotence drugs.
    Take care of your health with the capsules Hammer of Thor!

Instruction for use

To achieve the best result, it is recommended that the exchange rate consumption of biological agents for one month. For a single improvement of erection drink one capsule before sex. As a preventive measure consumed daily for 2 thing within 30 days. The course should be repeated twice a year.
The biological product can be combined with alcohol and other drugs. Give pleasure to the partner and enjoy yourself!


The ingredients of Hammer of Thor are of natural origin and have no side effects. Active substances are harmless. In the composition of the there is no dangerous and toxic components. Therefore, the biological additive can be used for almost all people of the stronger sex. There are practically no age restrictions. Do not take in the following cases:

  • Hypersensitivity to some bio-ingredients.
  • The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Children under 18.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels in the stage of decompensation.

Before using biocapsules it is recommended to get a consultation and a doctor. The specialist will write down the scheme and dosage for each individual case.

Price. Where to buy. Order.

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  1. Jean says:

    The problem with potency in men is an obstacle to a full relationship in a couple. Of course, love, respect for each other and trust can not be replaced, but without an intimate component to strengthen the Union of men and women is impossible.

    The situation is often exacerbated by the unhurried appeal to specialists and untimely treatment. Long-term “disqualification” of the stronger sex because of problems with erection makes discord and coldness in the marital bed. A man becomes insecure and insecure, he constantly feels a sense of guilt before his partner and each time fears another fiasco. Let’s see what are the causes of failures in sex, why there are problems with potency and what to do to eliminate them.

  2. Mustafa says:

    Hey Hi,
    Have you tried sex toys? Try it, be satisfied.

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    My name sadre alam
    West bengal

  4. Amir latif says:

    China ke agar achi howe to or 2pice langay price kya ha

  5. Wang Qin王勤 says:

    First of all, it is important to live a regular sex life. Abstinence leads to circulatory disorders within the pelvic organs. With stagnation, the composition of the male seed changes, and it is quite difficult to bring it back to normal.

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