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Maxi Size is positioned as a means to enhance potency. However, in addition, it has a positive effect on the size of the penis after a full course of treatment (from 6 weeks or more).

At the same time, unlike similar drugs, developed gel MaxiSize group of scientists.

A kind of scientific approach to solving the insufficient length of the penis is a guarantee of a positive result (up to 5 centimeters)!

Cream Maxisys is a tool to enhance potency and penis enlargement on the basis of protein compounds and amino acids. Its action is just to stimulate the accumulation of protein mass, which is the main component of the male genital organ.

A General description of the drug MaxiSize

When it became obvious that with the help of proper and regular application of the cream can increase the male farm, the company MaxiSize took up the development of its own cream with the same name.

By the way, if you believe the media, the sponsor of this was the magazine Men’sHealth – an extremely popular publication in Europe and America.

By the way, at that time there were already more than a dozen ointments and gels, so it is not surprising that the solution of such a delicate problem came so tenderly.

Gel Maxi SIZ has a combined principle of operation. On the one hand – it increases the accumulation of protein in the penis, on the other-promotes the stimulation of blood circulation in the pelvis. That is why the manufacturer recommends using it for erection – it promotes the rapid resorption of the original components of the product.

It is worth noting that the composition also includes collagen composition. Thanks to it increases the elasticity of the skin, and with it – and sensitivity, especially the head. But at the same time period to ejaculation increases. This was achieved by the manufacturer due to the inclusion of elastin in the ointment maxisize.

Composition Of Maxi Size

As for the composition, The maxisize cream includes synthetic stimulants. They do not harm men’s health, but effectively stimulate the production of hormones, the breakdown of amino acids.

The cream for penis enlargement MaxiSize has the following key ingredients:

Protein. It is he, as well as its derivatives of amino acids are “building blocks” for the male penis. Together with the stimulation of metabolic processes at the intercellular level and the effect of increasing the size.

Collagen, elastin. These substances are designed to prepare the delicate and sensitive skin of the penis to stretch. This increases the overall elasticity of the protein tissue and the penis in the state of excitation becomes more rigid.

Triethanolamine. It’s a synthetic stimulant. It affects the whole mass of metabolic processes in the body, including the synthesis of testosterone, the expansion of blood vessels. Empirically, scientists have found that triethanolamine contributes to a significant lengthening of the sexual process. Not worse than the conventional viagra, but with a less pronounced negative impact on the cardiovascular system.

This is the basis of the drug, but not all components are installed. The manufacturer keeps the rest in secret.

It is worth noting before buying Maxi-SIZ: the drug is not a drug. It will not help with prostatitis or impotence caused by sexually transmitted infections. This is a dietary Supplement that, by stimulating some natural processes in the body of an adult male, allows to achieve the desired result.

For this reason, it is almost impossible to buy MaxiSize in traditional pharmacies. There is then a logical question, where to buy MaxiSize? Taking into account that the consumer market is a huge number of fakes, you should focus only on the official representatives of the manufacturer and those stores that deserve the trust of its long-term reputation.

It is well known that in the composition of this product there is also a composition of essential oils, but to reveal their composition has not yet been possible. Someone points to the inherent smell of nutmeg, others-horse chestnut. But the main thing is the final effect. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of the men surveyed said they were pleased with the result of the use of Maxisys.

If we consider the tool from a scientific point of view, it is safe to say that the combination of ingredients is chosen very carefully. And all of them are extremely effective in increasing the size of the penis.

It is difficult to say how many men use it, but the manufacturer has repeatedly had to increase the size of the supply to the territory of the India. It speaks directly to the credibility of the drug from the stronger sex.

The effect of the application

If you want to know what effect MaxiSize gel lubricant gives, the instruction for use indicates that the maximum result that can be achieved when using the tool is an increase to 5 centimeters of penis length. Its width will become larger in the erection state up to 3 centimeters.

included in the Top 5 most effective creams for penis enlargement.

During the course of application you can count on:

  • 2 cm increase for the second week of use;
  • up to 3 centimeters – for 3-4 weeks;
  • up to 5 centimeters-for 4-6 weeks.

Maxi-Site: how to use? Optimal use-2 times a day, as well as before sexual intercourse (already in an excited state).

But the increase in sensitivity can be seen on the 3-4 day of active use, when dramatically increases blood circulation in the upper protein balls. The maximum effect is observed for 8-10 weeks.

Maxi-size: instructions for use

The product is not a very thick cream gel that is very quickly absorbed into the skin. If you have already purchased a Maxi-cream, how to use it is indicated on the instructions. A single dose-1-3 milliliters (depending on the excitement of men). Rubbed into the skin with massage movements of the fingertips.

It is extremely important not to miss a single square centimeter in the area of the scrotum and the base of the penis. It is here that the main blood vessels of the reproductive organ are based.

We learn when and how to use the cream :

in the morning after a shower (1-2 milliliters);
in the evening before bedtime (2-3 milliliters);
immediately before intercourse (can be mixed with lubricant and used as a lubricant);
when masturbating (if used by a man).
The course of treatment is not limited, as all the components that are included in the composition are not toxic. They have a stimulating effect, increasing the penis naturally.

Possible side effects and contraindications

The instruction of Gel also speaks about possible side effects. These include only temporary discomfort from touching the head. This feeling indicates increased blood circulation in the penis. This phenomenon continues for several days after the start of use and is not a signal to the need to stop the use of the tool.

But the only contraindications include hypersensitivity. Gel lubricant Maxi sise: how to apply for the first time and check the reaction? Previously, you can apply a small amount of cream on the skin in the elbow. If after 10-15 minutes there will be no irritation, rash, burning sensation, everything is in order – it is allowed to use Maxis.

Also, doctors do not recommend using such stimulants in the presence of diseases of the reproductive system.

These include:

  • prostatitis;
  • venereal disease;
  • varicose veins of the testicle (enlargement of the veins feeding);
  • tumors of the prostate and scrotum.

In such cases, the Maxi- method of application will not bring any result, since the intercellular metabolism and the synthesis of sex hormones are disrupted. The first thing you need to get rid of these diseases and even then take up the use of cream.



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